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As the sixth commission in the programme, Medium Rare were asked to produce a publication which explored each work and extended on the themes of the whole programme, offering a lasting document of 5 transient pieces.


Medium Rare attended, documented and discussed every event with the respective artists and Field Notes, building and developing content for a book that would go beyond simple documentation. This publication brings new and adapted works connected to the original events.


The publication's design is inspired by travelogues and publications from throughout the 20th Century, an age where printed books were still the primary way to recount experiences of far-away adventures. Looking to pre- and post-war graphic design, The Wanderers has a distinctive aesthetic focused on varied imagery and bold typography.


The book uses a Risograph printing process which, due to the nature of its operation, adds a fitting uncertainty, boldness and brevity to the printed pages. It is also much more of an environmentally friendly process than other printing methods, with significantly less energy expenditure, and uses soy-based inks helping to limit its impact on the environment.



Water resistant cloth cover.

Embossed and foil-blocked.

Risograph printed.

Recycled, uncoated paper.

Unlimited edition.

90 x 145 mm.


£8 - Buy here.